What is the cost (tuition) for The Swim School lessons?

Our year-round, once-a-week lessons are $81 per month for the first child then a 10% discount for each added child (immediate family). Tuition is due by the 1st of each month.

Is there a registration fee?

Upon enrolling at The Swim School each family pays a $25 registration fee for the first child and $10 registration fee per additional sibling. If you leave The Swim School, for any reason, and return at a later date, you will be subject to enrollment fees again.

Does The Swim School offer discounts for swim lessons?

  • Ask about our Gold Key family members.
  • Ask about our Silver Key family members.
  • The Swim School is proud to offer our military families a 10% discount on all swim lessons

When does The Swim School hold classes?

The Swim Schools (Shreveport and Bossier) are year-round teaching facilities. Our classes are open enrollment, meaning there’s no start or stop date. You can begin whenever you are ready.

What are the options for paying my tuition?

  • AUTO-ENROLL – Worry free. Never lose your child’s place in class or have to pay the LATE FEE ($10, added after the 5th of each month). TSS offers three methods for auto-enroll all paid on the 1st day of each month:
    • Direct debit your credit
    • Direct debit your credit card
    • Direct debit your checking account.
  • Federal regulations require that you complete a Credit/Bank Authorization form, available at TSS, for this benefit to be effective.
  • ON-LINE – Log in through our customer portal and make your tuition payment on-line. Payment for current month due no later than the 1st day of that month.


Swim Pant Policy

All children who have not yet celebrated their 3rd birthday, or are not completely toilet trained, are required to wear a reusable swim pant. Due to the failure of disposable swim diapers to work effectively, we must require only reusable, Health Department approved, swim pants in our pool. Fecal contamination in or around a pool poses a serious health risk to all using the facility. When an accident occurs, we are forced to shut down operations for an extended period of time to properly clean and sanitize our facility. We are trying to reduce the spread of disease and inconvenience to swimmers whose lessons are cancelled. For the health and safety of our swimmers and teachers. The Swim School provides a wide selection of swim pants for sale in our retail area. Some styles fit under your child’s swimsuit and other styles ARE your child’s swimsuit. We are experts at fitting swim pants. Please do not buy a size for your child to “grow into.” The elastic legs must be tight enough to contain an accident. Please arrive a few minutes early to purchase your child’s swim pants.

What temperature does The Swim School keep their pool water?

Everything we do is with your child’s comfort in mind. Our three pools are kept at a comfortable 90 – 93 degrees. A warm water environment promotes learning.

What do we need to bring to swim classes?

That’s easy! Bring swim suit, towel, and a can-do attitude. Goggles and ear plugs are optional!

What does The Swim School do to make sure the water is clean and safe?

Our pools are monitored continually and fed chemicals electronically the very moment a change in chlorine or pH is indicated. Pool test results are recorded in a log book and kept for 2 years


Does The Swim School offer make-up lessons?

At The Swim School our goal is to create safe, confident swimmers while providing the best experience possible. One way we achieve this high level of comfort and confidence in the water is to provide our swimmers with a consistent schedule and teacher from week to week. We do not offer make-ups or refunds for missed lessons. We have found that adding children to classes for make-ups disrupts the rhythm of the class. Please do your best to attend your scheduled classes. Instead, The Swim School will extend (limited to one excuse every other month) one $15 credit to any child who misses class due to illness. The$15 credit may be used for lessons, special events, or in the pro shop. A doctor’s note will be required to receive this credit. Extraordinary and extended illnesses will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

What is a Deck Manager?

One of the reasons The Swim School is the #1 recommended facility for learning to swim is our Deck Manager system. Deck Managers are certified in all four levels of  the Swim Schools International program.  Additionally, a Deck Manager has over 350 hours of swim teaching. The Deck Manager is the team member  responsible for all pool operations during swim lessons.    TSS rash guard is imprinted with the words Deck Manager on the back for easy identification.  Deck Managers are able to answer questions about your child’s progress, our programs, what to expect, and convey information to your child’s teacher.

How will I know when my child is ready to promote to the next level?

We use Swim Schools International training materials to guide our teachers when teaching your child. Each lesson plan has 18 skill sets and final goals. These materials serve as a guideline for when a child is ready to promote. Your Deck Manager will visit with you to go over the lesson plan and familiarize you with your child’s progress.