Swim ~ Roll ~ Swim

The Swim School offers one-on-one private instruction for children ages 12 months through 3 years, Swim ~ Roll ~ Swim (SRS).The SRS program focuses on a child (age level appropriate):

  • Finding its own natural buoyancy
  • Resting in an independent back float
  • Rolling from their back to their stomach and back again
  • Maintaining a natural horizontal swimming position
  • Developing strong, efficient kicks
  • Learning breath control
  • Swimming to the side of the pool and climbing out

We offer this 6 week session, 3 times a week (18 lessons) program in a session format at both of our swim schools.

Dates (6 weeks) 15 minute time slot # days per week Tuition
M – T – F  10am – 11:15am  3 times a week $369
 M – W – TH  5pm – 6pm  3 times a week $369

The intensive format of the Swim~ Roll ~ Swim program will help your child learn important water safety skills and swimming skills earlier. Learning how to float and roll on its back to breathe gives a toddler a necessary safety skill. Getting a rollover breath allows toddlers to swim longer distances independently. Toddlers will also learn how to swim to the side of the pool, grab the wall, and climb out. Just remember, every child learns at its own pace.

Following completion of the program we recommend maintaining and building on your child’s skills by enrolling in our year-round once-a-week lessons (private or group).


For private swim lessons at your home or community pool

The Swim School is the leading provider of private swim lessons and swimming lessons for infants, children and adults at the convenience of your own pool. Call or register online and we will have one of our highly trained and experienced swimming teachers contact you to schedule swim lessons at your home or community pool. We offer private and semi-private swimming instruction for families who want the one-on-one focus for their children to excel swimming skills rapidly. These 30-minute private swim classes allow swim teachers to design and mold the swim class around the pace of the student, while challenging their students and motivating them to new levels of swimming. We recommend private lessons for children or adults whenever special attention is needed or desired. Lessons are scheduled in a package of 4 one half hour classes. These classes follow our award winning Gold Script.

$62/ 30 min lesson
$60/ 1 hour lesson (Adults only)
$42/ per swimmer for 30 min semi-private lesson
$52/ 30 min lesson for special needs children
Lessons are available in packages of 4 swim lessons

See our SUMMER SWIM PROGRAMS for seasonal pricing